Peplink’s SD-WAN: SpeedFusion

Peplink’s SD-WAN: SpeedFusion is patented technology, creating a single VPN across all WANs & can bond bandwidth from multiple WANs in one packet level.

How it works:

1. Sessions are encrypted and broken into packets. The packets are then sent across all available WAN connections.
2. Packets are then decrypted and reassembled into sessions at the remote Peplink device.
3. Transmission and reception are done at the speed of all the WAN links combined. Minus the overhead for VPN.

Here are Peplink’s SD-WAN: SpeedFusion, Core Technologies:

SpeedFusion: Hot Failover

- Useful for deployments where you need reliability while keeping costs down.
- Enables you to change connections while keeping your session intact (Unbreakable Sessions.)
- Verticals and applications that benefit from Hot Failover:
• Small Offices
• Long-Distance Ethernet
• Retail
• Online Trading

SpeedFusion: WAN Smoothing

- Useful for deployments where improving consistency is more important than improving bandwidth.
- WAN Smoothing uses bandwidth to cover rough spots in connectivity to get Reliable Streaming.
- Verticals and applications that benefit from WAN Smoothing:
• VoIP
• Videoconferencing
• Live Broadcasting

SpeedFusion: Bandwidth Bonding

- Useful for deployments where you need as much speed as you can get.
- Combine the bandwidth of multiple links for maximum throughput to get Blazing Speed.
- Verticals and applications that benefit from Bandwidth Bonding:
• MPLS Alternative
• Remote Surveillance
• Branch Office VPN
• In-Vehicle Connectivity such Transportation / Maritime
In order to support the above features, we need at least 2 devices which act as a hub and the other one as a spoke. Balance 380 will act as a hub and Balance 20X will act as a spoke.

Balance 380 Rock-Solid Performance for Business Environments.

Balance 380 is one of Rock-Solid Performance Products from Peplink who are supported by InControl, Peplinks Cloud-Based SD-WAN Network Management Platform, which lets you provision, monitor, and manage your routers. All from a single screen.

Peplink Balance 20X Futureproof SD-WAN Router for Small Businesses and Branches

Balance 20x delivers excellent routing throughput, 11 AC Wave 2 WiFi, includes an embedded cellular modem, and it also supports the new FlexModule Mini so that you can optionally add a second LTE radio. Balance 20x is the ultimate performance for your Branch Office such small businesses, branches & retail locations.
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